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Celebrating 28 Years of Funk Around the World!

LMT CONNECTION are true masters of their craft. They’ve been together for 28 years, recorded six albums, played over 6000 shows including 12 tours of Europe (2003-2012) and four tours of China (2013-2016). When at home in Canada they’ve remarkably held an 19 year residency at the legendary Orbit Room in Toronto on Wednesday nights.


Sat Apr 1 Copa Cabana Niagara Falls 7-11PM
Sun Apr 2 Monty’s Gastropubb St Catharines 3-7PM
Wed Apr 5 Orbit Room Toronto 
Thurs Apr 6 DOC MAGILLIGANS Niagara Falls 8:30-12:30
Fri Apr 7 Gordon Best Theatre Peterborough
Sat Apr 8 Copa Cabana Niagara Falls 7-11PM
Sun Apr 9 
Monty’s Gastropub St Catharines 3-7PM
Wed Apr 12 Orbit Room Toronto “Leroys 71st Birthday Bash!”
Thurs Apr 13 DOC MAGILLIGANS Niagara Falls 8:30-12:30
Fri Apr 14 Copa Cabana Niagara Falls 7-11PM
Sat Apr 15 Copa Cabana Niagara Falls 7-11PM
Wed Apr 19 Orbit Room Toronto 
Thurs Apr 20 DOC MAGILLIGANS Niagara Falls 8:30-12:30
Fri Apr 21 Copa Cabana Niagara Falls 7-11PM
Sat Apr 22 Seneca Casino Niagara Falls NY 6-10PM
Sun Apr 23 Monty’s Gastropub St Catharines 3-7PM
Wed Apr 26 Orbit Room Toronto 
Thurs Apr 27 DOC MAGILLIGANS Niagara Falls 8:30-12:30


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